Who is John Galloway?

I live in the Scottish Borders in the town of Peebles, I’ve been married for 22 years to Ailsa and have three kids of whom (like most parents) I’m inordinately proud. Although currently plump and unfit(ish) I’ve spent a good portion of my life either racing bikes, which remain a passion if only from the technical development angle, or climbing. Many of my most memorable moments and closest friendships are a result of time spent in the hills on ice or crag. Besides a typically male interest in technology the other cornerstone of my life has been music. I’m currently a disappointingly average guitarist (having had occasional flashes of above averageness in the past) and mostly play instruments made for me by the excellent Chris Larkin

Update: Suppose I should really mention I was half of The Velocast and then The Flammecast. A podcaster if you will. ;o)