A Year On

by wjohngalloway

Nearly a year on from the last post on this blog I’m moved to write again. It’s very much related to the last post.

Today I posted a tweet saying I was tempted to pack the car and head off to a sector of Pave tomorrow and I subsequently received a deluge of “Why don’t you?” DM’s and emails.

So, here’s the answer.

When I left the Royal Mail I had a picture in my head. Scott and I would roam the races of the world, a disruptive force within a complacent cycling press. ;o) The first experience we had of that (Paris-Roubaix) convinced us of one thing. We produced better shows if at least one of us is at home base actually following the race on television. It quickly became apparent that nearly all “cycling journalism” was a simple regurgitation of post race interviews.

Visit your preferred sites and contrast and compare. This isn’t a condemnation, just an observation.

In addition we are fans first and foremost, not journos. We don’t have the luxury of having our overheads covered by mainstream press commissions. We have to ask the question. “We could be on site, would it produce better content?” If the answer is “Yes”? (Scott’s superb content produced after he spent a week embedded with Trek Factory Racing at The Classics being a perfect example) then we’ll happily spend money hand over fist to be there. If the answer is “We could be there but the shows wouldn’t be as good.”?  We’ll stay at home. Truth is that if you’re by the side of the road you get a very brief snapshot of the race.

Stage 5 is a perfect example. I WANT to be there. I REALLY WANT to be there. I started packing the car. The fact is that I’ll produce better content if I watch the entire race unfold though. You folk are paying us for our insight. We don’t see the whole race unfold? We don’t produce the best content we can. So, to get the insight and commentary we want to give you we need to watch the race. We can do that in a press room at the race “on location” as most folk following the race do or we can do it at home base and guarantee we can get shows to you in a timely manner every day with a bomb proof internet connection.

That’s a no brainer.

Are we unique in commenting on races at a distance? Well, at a recent Grand Tour one journo’s tweets were geolocated “Hounslow”. ;o) 

We have one focus. To provide you with value for money content.