The Way Ahead.

by wjohngalloway

So, three quarters of a season through our first year of broadcasting via the wonders of the internet as our primary source of income.

Much has been learned and there’s much still to learn.

So, things that are cast in stone going forward? Errm Nothing.

Likely things?

We’ll be at single day events.  Previewing the course, pre-riding crucial segments of the Parcours and giving you a flavour of the atmosphere and the history of the race. We’ll catch up with teams and riders away from the pressure cooker of the race and provide a rich variety of content for each Classic. We did that this year and learned so much along the way. Next year will be better again.

Grand Tours: Our intention this year was to attend the GTs as we did The Classics. It quickly became apparent that issues with connectivity (it’s the 21st Century FFS!) and the simple matter of watching the race to provide adequate and accurate analysis reliably every single day meant that we decided a home base approach would provide better content. We’re off to Le Tour in the morning but if I’m honest it’s about the atmosphere, it’ll likely delay the show for premium subscribers. We would love to be on the spot for team interviews etc but there are loads of folk doing that. We want to be different. Much of the content seems to be lifted verbatim from the Eurosport/ITV interviews anyway anyway even by “prestigious” established sites.

Accurate as possible, timely, reliably served content comes first, not freebies to races for us.

We’ve had a good few comments that our immediate post race analysis is more accurate than that of folk on the scene because we’re not part of the honey pot on the ground.

The Way Ahead of the title of this post is as yet undecided. At one end of the range of options there’s entirely ad supported content for all. The way you pay is with your attention to the companies that support our content production through advertising. That’s challenging because advertising agencies haven’t yet realised that highly engaged listeners are more valuable than dumb numbers. ( I reckon I’m on first name terms with 10% of the folk who download our shows, it means a lot to me) At the other end is a subscription only model where we charge the same as a monthly mag for folk to get weekly shows 52 weeks of the year along with daily big event shows and the only free to listen content is a monthly teaser show. Have a look at for a hint of how that would work.

The truth will, like this year, likely be somewhere in the middle

On top of that we have some ideas that have been percolating in our heads for a couple of years now that we can only realise in partnership with a major broadcast network.

The purpose of this post?

To let you know we’re committed to making this work. This is our life now, I’d love to be able to retire in 15 or 20 years having ended my working life doing something I’m passionate about and proud of.

To say thanks for your support this year and let you know that the lessons we’ve learned with the help of that support will help us produce better content in the future.