1947 – 1950: You Want Drama? We’ve Got Drama

by wjohngalloway

A while ago on a podcast I had the pleasure to have a long chat with @festinairl pleasure The Twitter. Her constant questioning has led folk to brand her a shallow single issue troublemaker re doping. Hell, even I’ve lost my patience with her from time to time. 😉
Off mic what came over was a different person. A three dimensional, passionate, informed fan of the sport I love. That comes across here. Great stuff.

100 Tours 100 Tales


1947 tour de france

It started – and ended – with drama. And an aeroplane – covering the race for Equipe for the first time – fell out of the skies in the Pyrenees…

1947 – the Tour of Liberation – was surely the year of the ‘Roi Rene‘. Vietto pulled off a veritable exploit in winning stage 2, the 182 km from Lille – Brussels, escaping with 180km to race and riding the last 130km alone. He held the Maillot Jaune for virtually the rest of the race after staging an admirable defence in the mountains. He was home free, just the little matter of a 139km TT through Brittany to deal with…

And he cracked. He lost the Jersey to Brambilla who had ridden strongly through the mountains – he took the meilleur grimpeur prize – and it looked like Brambilla would…

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