I Knew He Looked Familiar!

by wjohngalloway

For the last 4 years I’ve collected mail from a local business. Every day I turn up at around the same time and the warehouse guy and I trip out the same old platitudes.

“Not a bad day”

“The weather’s shite”

etc etc.

Today there was a glitch in the matrix.

Warehouse guy said “I’ve got an international item, it’s got to go to Belgium”

Almost as a reflex I recited the  the old saw. “Name a famous Belgian!” Quick as a flash warehouse guy said “Eddy Merckx!”

“Whoa!” thought I. He’s heard of Eddy!

What followed was a delightful ten minute conversation.

I started cycling to keep fit for mountaineering.

He drifted away from cycling to start mountaineering.

We both had a relationship with the bike that dated back to our earliest memories.

We’d raced against each other FFS!

Moral of the story? Well, everybody looks different with their helmet off. ;o)………and talk to people. This guy I’d taken for granted for the last few years was really interesting and our paths had crossed many times. Yet I had no idea.

It’s a small world.