Back to My Roots

by wjohngalloway

Hey, hello folks.
This is the first of the hopefully reasonably regular musings from me on this blog.
As you no doubt know the old body has been letting me down a bit recently so, for the time being at least, I’m taking a step back from podcasting.
So, as I come to terms with a world in which I won’t impose my opinions on you via iTunes every week, in which my erstwhile colleague Derek is pissed off at me for my lack of commitment ;o), and in which fellow Velocaster Scott has finally escaped from his shallow grave under my plum tree and returned to the land of the living, I thought I’d make a return to my first online presence.
A return to a time when podcasts and listener numbers were just a twinkle in Scotty’s eye and a microphone was for recording acoustic guitar, not for speaking into. ;o).
I’ve read a few of the older posts here and I really don’t recognise the person who wrote them. It’s funny how we “evolve” without even noticing.They were definitely the me that I was at the time so they can remain.
So, this is my space. No thoughts of money or monetizing (horrible fucking word), no editing, no chasing audience numbers. Just pure essence of Galloway.
First thought on this new(old) blog? This year’s Tour is brilliant….if you ignore the GC competition.

Speak soon