by wjohngalloway

A couple of years ago I happened upon the frankly geeky music of Jonathan Coulton. Well, so did my middle boy Alex and in 2008 we had a fantastic trip together to London to see JoCo’s first gig outwith the US. Now, I’ve seen Zep, The Who, Thin Lizzy, The Foos etc etc but that Coulton gig with 600 rabid JoCo fans singing along whilst in the company of my son was one of the best experiences in my life.
So, last year he played Glasgow and we did the merchandise table for him. Gig was OK, but great for Alex (middle sprogg) to meet and hang out with Jonathan.
This year his UK Tour brought him to Edinburgh, only 22 miles from Peebles but the venue had a strict 18+ policy, so Alex (currently 15) couldn’t go and as a result neither could I. Bummer!
None the less, not JoCo’s fault. Still go and see him next time. ;o)
Meanwhile, here’s a song he wrote about maths that he played in the Edinburgh gig

Loved to have seen him in my home town with my boy. Didn’t happen.