Institutional Everything-ism

by wjohngalloway

Spent a valuable 15 minutes yesterday morning watching a soap opera commissioned by the Royal Mail. A two parter, it features him off Eastenders who shagged his son’s bird, somebody off an advert, a fat bloke and an asian. Now, it actually presented a very serious aspect of bullying and harassment. It tried to hammer home the point that comments that you might view as harmless can actually deeply wound someone else, that conversations held in the workplace between you and a colleague can actually offend a third party whilst both of you think nothing of it and that this stuff can have repercussions outside the workplace, triggering depression, relationship problems etc. Give RM HR some credit, they’re trying to address this issue (whilst ironically the managers are being encouraged, forced even, to adopt a culture of bullying and harassment on a local level).

Anyhoo, I waffle. Key narrative thread in the soap involved a woman who’s long term relationship is destroyed by casual sexual harassment and unwanted attention.

So, we watched the DVD, did a Q and A afterwards and, as workplace coach (WPC Galloway!) I asked for opinions from the posties.

First answer (delivered without irony or intended ironic humour)

“That bird that wiz gettin harrassed? She’d get it!”

Royal Mail? Abandon hope all ye who enter here…. 😦