Nosh n’ Chat

by wjohngalloway

Had a fine evening with the O’Raws yesterday. Scott doesn’t only write good tunes and try to harness my tangential mind in Velocast. He can cook as well! (What a lamb shank!)
Also in attendance was Al, fresh back from France and bearing a gift of Krema Batna (Leopard sweeties) for me. (the worlds’ most addictive sweet!)
All in all a fine time was had and the evening was enhanced by a piece of humour even more unlikely than my Pratt experience. Just think of a 7 year old writing the place setting name tags and anagrams of the name Alan. I’ll say no more, other than that none of us noticed until Al stuck the place setting name on his forehead.
New Velocast recorded today, look out for it on iTunes in the next couple of days.