Postie Humour…You Couldn’t Make It Up!

by wjohngalloway

I was in West Linton this afternoon and a DHL driver asked me for directions to a house.
As background I need to explain how posties differentiate between houses with the same name. It’s a real problem since there are many houses with the same name. There are so many Rivendells that you feel like asking “Do you think you’re the only person who’s read The Lord Of The Fucking Rings?!”
The way you tell which house it is is by the name of the occupant. Keep that in mind……….
So…..the DHL guy asked where Lyneholm was……..instinctively I said the occupants name to clarify which address he was looking for, at which point he said “Fuck You!” and got back in his van,
The name of the occupants of this particular Lyneholm……..Pratt!!!…..(rimshot!!!!!!)