Women, Jimi and Depression

by wjohngalloway

On the way to do the weekly shop this morning I was listening to Janice Forsyth interview Wilbur Smith on Radio Scotland. His description of women was probably the best I’ve ever heard. “Strange, warm, soft little things that smell good.”
Contrasts almost perfectly with how I define myself, just insert the antonyms (other than the one for strange) and you’re there!

Watching Jimi Plays Berkely on Sky Arts. Fuck, he was IT! Often copied (guilty as charged m’lud) NEVER bettered!

Finally, kudos to Tyler Hamilton for speaking out about depression after his positive test for a drug with zero performance enhancing attributes. Read the details HERE.
I know a good few cyclists who use exercise induced endorphins to self medicate.
Depression is still a disease that many of my fellow Scots regard as a weakness to be held in contempt despite the fact that we’re a nation whose idea of self medication is alcohol induced stupor.
Attitudes have to change and Tyler has taken a brave, if small, step in the right direction. (and yes, I still admire him even if he’s doped for most of his career!)