Hmmmm, I may be a sexist pig. WTF!!??

by wjohngalloway

Today and tomorrow I’m training June, our sole female postie, on the Harehope round. One of my favourite rounds, it covers sixty odd miles on a maze of rural roads yet is never further than eight miles from Peebles.
Anyhoo, as the coach for Peebles I’ve trained, and been trained on all of the office’s routes….but talking to June about the complexities of the round I was struck by a fundamental difference that was a result of her being a woman.
There’s no easy way to avoid just coming out with this. Your average postie, and it is still and overwhelmingly male occupation, navigates his way around a route by a carefully calibrated system based on remembering how attractive the female occupant of any given address is. (No need to get too graphic, but Al and Scot will easily be able to imagine the conversation).
Given June to train I struggled to come up with a new paradigm, maybe I’ll do better tomorrow. Hope so, I feel guilty! ;o(

Today was notable for two other events.

1: We got a puncture. I applied my meaty bulk to the tyre iron and, instead of loosening, the heads of the first two bolts sheared off, leaving us in the middle of nowhere with an un-drivable van. Bugger!

2: I was impressed by the motto above the door of a luxury hotel we visited. Not sure I’d want a romantic weekend there though! ;o)