The Cheapest Instrument Is The Best!

by wjohngalloway

I’ve been sitting with my mum listening to bits of Handel’s Messiah on the Beeb. It’s brought back a few memories of my time spent as a choirboy some thirty five years ago at Old St Paul’s Church just off the High Street in Edinburgh, where the music was the real religion for me.
Now, I’m privileged to own and play custom guitars by one of the best luthiers in the world and I get great pleasure from them…….but……..and it’s a big but……there’s nothing like the thrill of opening your mouth and having a wonderful musical noise come out.
Even after all these years I miss it… especially since I currently sound like a well intonated warthog when I sing. ;o(
I can still make music though and it’s a big part of what makes life worth living.