Relationship Dynamics

by wjohngalloway

Had a strange evening recording the second episode of How’s Your Week Been?
There’s a great dynamic to the relationship the three of us have but today I was in a fairly subdued mood and, in the symbiotic “Last of the Summer Wine” world we inhabit, Al and Scott took up the slack. I’m surprised and delighted to have rediscovered my friendship with Al and forged a new one with Scott in recent years. (without any of this being in any way homo-erotic!).
It’s difficult to overestimate the value of friendships where no topic or issue isn’t open to discussion and where you can be yourself without being judged. Thanks chaps!
I was impressed today when Scott demonstrated his recording studio expertise by producing Gaffa tape tout suite to fix a recalcitrant mike stand. Al needs to bring a bigger pudding next time though….and who the hell is Ben 10?

Here’s a glimpse of our high tech recording environment.