Postal Crap……..

by wjohngalloway

I’ve spent the last couple of days in Glasgow at a coaches course to formalize my existing position as the teaching guy in Peebles D.O. Although many of the tools and teaching techniques they used were crude and simplistic (like most posties!) it was a really useful course. I learned a lot.


If every office is currently being asked to account for and justify every ten minute time period per member of staff how can they afford the time I’d have to take off my own duty (which would have to be covered by another postie) to implement the best practice coaching that’s needed?
I really got a sense that this is a way of paying lip service to what needs to be done as a PR exercise, as opposed to a real world initiative.
Perhaps the most telling thing is that the two HR staff who tutored the course have no jobs as of next week. Both really good folk, one’s going to work as a normal member of staff in a mail centre and the other has to reapply for a job that probably won’t be there since they’re moving all training to Rugby. Talk about wasting your biggest resource!