Important, and not so important…Stuff

by wjohngalloway

Ok, no names here to protect the innocent. ;O)
And it’s going to be a tad schmalzy, but hell….I’m in touch with my feminine side!

In my adult life I’ve been lucky enough to meet and subsequently fall in love with two extraordinary women.
I’m even luckier since one of them is my wife Ailsa! ;o)
Well, I learned yesterday that the one who isn’t Ailsa is getting married in May. (She just popped into my head after a couple of years lying dormant, so I dropped her a text to see if she was well.)
Well, it’s funny, part of me is going ” How the hell can that happen? She’s mine!!!” and I’d be lying if I denied a wee bit of jealousy.
The main part of me is really happy for her though. If things had gone differently it’d have been a privilege to make a life together with her and I hope the lucky man who’s to marry her realizes what he’s got.
If not he’ll have an angry hairy Scotsman to deal with!

So, that dealt with on to the important stuff!

Contador was incredible in the prologue of Paris Nice. If he’s right on track with his Tour prep ( it’s possible he’s coming on a bit early) then we’re in for an astonishing performance in July. Lance may have to ride as an uber-domestique!

Enjoying reading Roma by Steven Saylor.

About to tuck in ( after a thirty year break!) to some Dostoyevsky at the insistence of Angus who’s going to specialize in Russian history at Uni this year. Fun?

Mostly listening to

The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow

The Complete English Anthems by The Tallis Scholars

Little Voice by Sara Bareilles (don’t laugh, it’s good pop!)

Abbey Road by The Beatles