Questions, Questions……..

by wjohngalloway

Lots going on in the Galloway heid this week.
I’ve been having much fun recording music on the Mac. It’s become clear to me though that recording my music without performing it or even letting anyone else listen to it isn’t being a musician. It’s at best a form of therapy or at worst blatant self indugence. How is a performance art actually art if there’s no one to witness the performance? This was HAMMERED home to me last week when Scott played me one of the tracks he’d recorded at home recently…Pretty Polly I think… was good, very good and, I enjoyed listening to it. I think he enjoyed me experiencing his work and that’s what music should be, community and exchange of ideas.
edit: Since I started drafting this post I’ve heard another of his new tunes and it’s also very fine. The man should try once again to make a living making music and relax his former “If you’re not going to be U2 there’s no point” stance.
So what else is going on? Had a fine night at the O’Raw family home attempting to record….hmmm…what exactly? Not a podcast, more a record of what’s been going on in our lives (“Us” being Al, Scott and I). Amazing how self conscious you get when the red “recording now” light goes on. Many lessons learned.
We also discovered that Elizabeth O’Raw will crash her bicycle if a prawn leaps from the undergrowth, the Reverend Paisley gave up a promising career in jazz to follow the calling of the cloth, pheasants are evil and posties are their food and it’s a bad thing to cough into a pair of tights. Jade Goody? Don’t get me started!