Why Do It?

by wjohngalloway

Tonight, Al, Scott and I were supposed to be recording a conversation to be turned into a podcast. A weekly(ish) event during which we discussed notable events during our weeks and things that are on our minds. Events (mostly my postie hours) delayed the initial recording by a week.
Initially I was skeptical about the value of the endeavour and had doubts about whether it had a potential audience.
No more though, I’ve spent a brief 20 minutes drifting backwards through this blog and had a good few chuckles and even a few misty eyed moments as I relived the state of mind I was in at the time of any particular post.
So, will anyone listen to “the podcast”? Doesn’t matter.
Will it make money? Not a chance in hell!
Will we three cringe when we hear it? Almost certainly!
Is it worth doing? Absolutely!
Even this simple WordPress blog you’re reading has shown me that a snapshot in time is worth taking, whether for yourself or others. Our attempt at a podcast may well be crap, but it’ll be us, warts and all, at a specific point in time. It’ll be worth preserving, however limited the interest.