Postie Hell and Software Heaven

by wjohngalloway

I won’t go in to too much detail about the events that transpired on the West Linton 4 rural round today. Let’s just say that wet snow on underlying ice meant that tows from helpful addressees with four wheel drive vehicles meant I got home by 6pm (just)! Fun and hellish at the same time. The fact that nearly every bit of mail in Peebleshire was successfully delivered despite EVIL road conditions is evidence that posties take their responsibilities seriously……..AND DON”T YOU FORGET IT!!!!
Other thoughts? iLife 09 is cool! Garageband is capable of recording to a quality we’d have paid hundreds of pounds an hour in studio time to achieve not so long ago (given decent input sources). The Faces and Places features in iPhoto are fantastic. Finally a way to reliably tag photos in the real world. I haven’t used iMovie yet but the reviews are positive and the built in FTP client in iWeb means that it might finally be useful to ordinary folk who don’t want to splash out for a (is it working yet?) MobileMe account.
Anything else? Not a fucking clue what we’re going to talk about during the first Al/John/Scott podcast being recorded tomorrow.

Hey ho……..