Touching Base (Yeuch!)

by wjohngalloway

This post title shows that even I can be prone to the creeping Americanization of our language…….and I give my kids a hard time for falling prey to it! Ach well, language is a living beast I suppose. Indeed AAH (who I’m visiting in Amsterdam next week) tells me that the common usage of dutch changes so fast that it’s impossible to produce an accurate dictionary!
However, what have I been up to?
Struggling to come up with a name for the nascent O’Raw/Galloway media empire. For some reason Scott didn’t seem keen on or He correctly pointed out that all of my suggestions evoked images of sex or drugs! (Just his dirty mind really!)
In awe of Google’s new sync beta for the iPhone.
Considering the hoops I’ve had to jump through using Spanning Sync etc to get an approximation of the functionality this provides it’s almost like magic. I love it, notwithstanding my usual fear that Google may in fact turn out to be the equivalent of Skynet.
Really pissed off that all of the US TV shows I enjoy (Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, Reaper etc) seem to be being cancelled mid 2nd season! Bastard programming executives pandering to a generation with no attention span to speak of. ;o(