Talking of Osmosis…..

by wjohngalloway

Watching “The Sounds of the Sixties” with Ailsa. Tunes by Bob D, Joan Baez, Tom Paxton, Peter, Paul and Mary et al.
Question? How the hell do I know the lyrics to all of these songs? The chords I get, there are only so many ways you can play a perfect cadence after all. But every single bloody word? Come on! I think I might have been part of a sixties X-files(ish) program to turn young kids into serial killers by exposing them to american protest/contemporary folk music.
Let’s face it, it’s likely all I need is the opening notes of a particular Pete Seeger tune and I’m off up a church tower with a sniper rifle!
Dear god, now Lenny’s come on…..I’m…starting…to feel….a….bit……………….