Bloody podcast fever!

by wjohngalloway

Had a chat with Scott (Cleggy) O’Raw today about the proposed bike-centric podcast I mentioned in a previous post. Well I’ve just spent an hour listening to about 20 of the top rated cycling podcasts on the iTunes store. Quick eh?
The reason it took only an hour is that I managed about three minutes of each ‘cast before losing the will to live. As I just said in a text to Mr O’R, “Producing the best cycling podcast in the world may be as simple as releasing something that doesn’t sound like it was recorded by a tortoise who has miraculously developed the power of speech.”
God, they’re awful!!!
On another front I heard from Simon Alderson through Facebook yesterday. He’s a chum from the bad old days of the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Operative who’s lived in Spain for the last ten years. I’m still not sure what Facebook is for, but if it throws up pleasant surprises like that every so often I’ll keep a presence there.