God Help Us All!

by wjohngalloway

Just enjoyed an excellent evening a chum Scott’s house. Al brought along his new Fender Vibro Champ XD amp for a play and it sounds bloody good. The modeling front end attached to a valve power stage idea seems to work a treat.
Decisions made tonight:

1: Being a postie is turning me into an uncultured idiot! (Although with an unrivalled knowledge of Peebleshire, it’s inhabitants and their sexual peccadilloes)
2: We three are going to record a podcast for our own amusement. If you listen to “You Look Nice Today” you’ll get some idea of what we’ll fail to achieve. Al dubbed it “You Look Shite Today”.
3: Scott and I are going to explore the idea of a bike news and tech podcast, there just aren’t any decent ones! A gap in a non-existent market?

Anyhoo, just thought the news of me doing any socializing at all was worth a mention.


p.s. Apparently I’m insecure and angry. No change there then!

p.p.s. Excellent Pinot Noir from Villeneuve Wines. I’ve yet to find a better wine or whisky shop, thank god it’s in Peebles!