You couldn’t make it up!

by wjohngalloway

Microsoft have been playing with a program called Songsmith. In simple terms you sing a tune to your computer and Songsmith comes up with an accompaniment. Well, in a moment of lucidity Microsoft pulled the plug.
The folk in charge of Songsmith took umbrage and released a promotional video to try and change the mind of the powers that be at the evil empire.

Seriously, it’s not a joke, they thought that would make someone/anyone change their mind about this program! (and the wee lassie is running a windows only program on a stickered up Macbook Pro)

So, as is the wont of the interweb it’s spawned a load of parodies. My favourite thing that’s happening is that folk are playing the vocal tracks of classic tunes into Songsmith and seeing what it comes up with. My favourite so far is Roxanne by the Police.

Genius…and crap!