Ok, Diets and Toilets

by wjohngalloway

So, how’s this week gone after my recent soul bearing rant? Eaten well but healthily, drunk to excess considerably less than normal, done no exercise out-with postying at all. Result? Lost 3.25 lbs, which is cool. I’m aiming for a 2lb per week loss which is healthy and sustainable. I’ll try to kick in some exercise this week which can only help.
Now, Toilets? Why’s that in the title? Well, all week I’ve been a West Linton postie. There were, until last week, five duties that covered Westie. As a result of the pressure for savings in the Royal Mail these have been condensed into four duties.

Average day as a West Linton Postman:
Arrive at work @ 06:45
Sort Mail until 09:15
Take 40 minute break, which must be taken to satisfy H+S needs. (you could take it later outside the office, but who wants to sit for 40 mins in a van in the middle of nowhere?)
Now the bit that refers to toilets!
Drive 20 mins to your first delivery point
Deliver mail for 5 hours (until recently the longest unbroken delivery period allowed was 3.5 hours)
Drive 20 mins back to the Delivery Office in Peebles
The problem is that there are currently no public toilets in Westie. That means nearly six hours without access to “facilities” On a three and a half hour delivery span I could pretty much predict and manage what my bladder and bowels would do. Over six hours? Hell, your guess is as good as mine!
It seems trivial, but it’s not. There is literally nowhere on most of these routes to spend a penny without risking arrest for public indecency!
It’s typical of the lack of attention to real world detail that’s painfully evident in the headlong rush to ill considered “savings”.
I’ll finish the post here. I’d written much more but decided to delete it instead of just ranting. I’ll say again though, the government (as current sole shareholder in RM) has to decide whether the Royal Mail is a public service or a business. Currently it’s neither and everybody loses.