Backup, Backup, Backup

by wjohngalloway

Hokay. Back in the day, before I’d found backup enlightenment, I lost all of the family holiday photos of the 2006 Galloway holiday in Normandy when a hard drive went south. Thereafter I developed a fairly reliable, but pretty effortless, backup strategy. As our stuff gets more and more “virtual” backups get more and more important. It’s our lives and memories on there folks! Anyway, yesterday my external hard drive died (or was killed!) and without even thinking about it I ordered a replacement drive for next day delivery from Amazon. Living without backups just isn’t an option!
So, not preaching, just telling you what I do.
1: Run Time Machine on Leopard. Pretty useful as a general backup but really useful when you delete a file by accident and have to recover it.
2: Run a Weekly full disk bootable backup using SuperDuper. If the main drive in my iMac dies this’ll let me get back to work or play immediately and let me restore a full disk image when I replace the dead drive.
3:Run a daily vital files backup to Mozy (Home folder, Applications plists etc and photos). If the house burns down and my backup disks are melted at least I’ll be able to restore my “must have” docs and memories.
Sorry for being serious, but if you’re not backed up, you’re an idiot!

Update: I’m sure there are Windows equivalents. Use the wonder that is Google to locate them!