How’d That Work Then?

by wjohngalloway

This morning I was dreaming about some business negotiations. Yep, my nocturnal imaginings are that exciting! I don’t remember much except that I was being asked to pay 2100 times the salary of the lowest paid worker for a share in the company…………….look, let’s just ignore the dream. It doesn’t matter save for one curious link between sleep and waking.
At a certain juncture the chap I was negotiating with shoved a chair across to me and it accidentally caught me full in the ‘nads.
Well every bloke reading this knows what that means and I let out a shriek as the wave of nauseating pain swept over me (in the dream). Simultaneously I woke up with an incredibly painful cramp in my right calf and let out a shriek as the wave of nauseating pain swept over me.
So. Pure coincidence? Or did my sleeping mind know about the impending cramp and as a result insert the unexpected ‘nad poke? Or did the dreamworld ‘nad poke cause some chemical release that caused the cramp?
One of life’s great mysteries I think. I’ve spent too long pondering it today.
Completely unrelated, but the other day my keyboard’s space key gave up the ghost (blame Quicksilver) and I’ve replaced my old keyboard with the new aluminium apple board. Jeez, it’s a horny thing……but more importantly it works really well and feels great. Yum!
Using a generic PC keyboard for two days whilst the shops were shut has provoked much frustration and taught me how ingrained the muscle memory of specific keystroke triggers had become.