Just a Quickie

by wjohngalloway

After long regarding him as a bit of a luddite maverick I’m becoming more and more impressed with Grant Peterson’s take on bikes over at Rivendell. Have a read of some of these articles.
What with my fascination with the utility bicycles at Eurobike and a recent, slightly squiffy, ramble to Ailsa about how I missed being able just to go out on a bike ride in normal clothes and shoes without having to fret about the spring rate and damping in my forks, or the stiffness of the carbon sole on my road shoes, or the seamless nature of the synthetic chamois in my shorts (8 panel or more of course)…….hmmmmmmm……maybe there’s a sea-shift afoot in my mindset.
The best memories I have on a bike involve either an increasing freedom…..when I used to just disappear on the bike for a day, or days, and see where I ended up………or growth in awareness of some sort. Awareness of how much pain my body could tolerate without imploding during a time trial, or awareness of just how wonderful the land you travel through whilst touring is. Neither of these experiences were improved by having 20 gears instead of 12 or by the amount of float in your pedal system.
Maybe it’s once again, finally, time for me to break away from obsessing about equipment and start just cycling for the sheer simple pleasure of being on a bike? (or horse, or hill, or guitar or….etc, etc…this applies to just about every aspect of life) There’s too many ways to avoid doing things, let’s just ignore that path and focus on the simple pleasure of actually doing! A quick sketch backward through this blog will reveal this as a recurrent thread that maybe is starting to find a conclusion.
WTF? Have I been reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in my sleep again! ;o)
Merlin Mann summed it up well by saying (paraphrased from memory) “It’s easy to become so obsessed by the coffee cup that you forget just how good the actual coffee tastes!”