…….Lay a Little Egg for Me……

by wjohngalloway

A wee while ago Al came down for dinner and (incredibly) kindly bought us a posh chicken from Crombie’s the butcher in Edinburgh. Now, we’re fans of hideously expensive poultry, having in the past sourced our Christmas bird from Ellel Free Range Poultry who have provided us with incredibly tasty turkeys like this one.


Well, the chicken Al brought down was simply cooked by he and I and was flat out the best poultry of any kind I’d ever tasted.
So, imagine my surprise when I looked at the label and discovered it was produced only four miles from our house at a farm I’ve frequently delivered to whilst on the West Linton 5 round.
In the past I’ve been charmed by their collies. Great working dogs with character who’ll try to herd a postie van and have the coolest accommodation!


So it was a simple decision to have a word with Linda Dick (The name on the label and recipient of much mail) to let her know how much we enjoyed her produce and arrange for a 12lb chicken for the Galloway Christmas table (I can also now vouch for how delicious her duck eggs are). It’s hard to imagine a chicken that big so here’s a pic with a bottle of wine for scale.


Can you tell I’m looking forward to it? ;o)

Have a look at Linda’s site. You can’t imagine how good her chickens taste, seriously. She should charge far more than she does!