Waaay Better Than Nothing

by wjohngalloway

Neil Oliver’s History Of Scotland on BBC1 has been overly simplistic and at times naive in it’s treatment of Scottish history……but it’s a great portal to an infinitally fascinating subject.
We’re a weird people…..at various times I’ve encountered workmates who, despite having no gaelic beyond a simple greeting, insisted that their cheque books were in gaelic………or folk who’s membership of the SNP was rooted more in their hatred of the English than their love of Scotland……..or folk who idolize The Bruce without any comprehension of his politically expedient side swapping.
But… there’s no denying the powerful influences and consequences that our wee “nation” has been party to over the years.
Read……research from original sources…and appreciate just how great (and gloriously venal) Scotland was (and is), but don’t wallow in revisionist crap…even now we punch way beyond our weight, in spite of the burden of maudlin, sentimental fools who think Bannockburn or Stirling Bridge were our “nations” finest moments.
We should value our people, not our mythology!