Venlaw+Meagaidh the Dog = FUN

by wjohngalloway


Sorry the pics a bit foggy, I was quietly steaming! Wish I was a runner, the hills around Peebles are awash with lovely tracks to run that are a bit too technical for Cross Country MTB. Joints sore now though….gagging for a bike ride but the current mini Ice Age precludes that (with one smashed elbow I’m loath to risk another!) and a run’s waaaay better than an hour on the turbo.

Speaking of which I had a wee turbo session the other day after putting my old Rolls Saddle on the bike (My Ergon Fly was soaking wet!). Geez they were comfy, looks like a vintage piece now but it’s staying on the Roberts for a good while. I see they’ve reintroduced them as part of the vintage range. Cool!

Meanwhile, loving Eventbox. It’s an elegant way to tie all the Twitter/Facebook/RSS crap together on the mac.