Obituary Column or Blog?

by wjohngalloway

I’ve written over the last few months of the deaths of folk who are friends. Well, this week Ailsa came home one night and said she’d seen a horrid accident at Mailingsland, just before you come into Peebles at the turn off to our old house and the caravan park. Well…someone stepped out from behind a bus in the dark and was hit by a car in the commuter lemming homeward rush to Peebles.

The “someone who stepped out” was called Jessie Knox (73 when she died). She wasn’t a personal friend, not even an proper acquaintance I suppose. But, as one of the four posties who delivered to Jessie regularly I mourn her death and have even had more than a hint of a tear in my eyes.
Whenever you drove up to the door of her cottage she’d come out with a glass of juice (if it was a hot day) or a cup of tea (if it was cold), Such small kindnesses restore your faith in human nature. Even in her seventies she’d flirt with you mercilessly.
Just three weeks ago I was on the Harehope round for a full week and I met Jessie on the Monday. I said I’d be on the round all week so if she needed anything brought up from Peebles just to let me know. She replied “Just bring yoursel’ and yer bonnie legs laddie!”.
The world of the Peebles postie is diminished by Jessie’s passing.
RIP Jessie!