Rumble in the Jungle

by wjohngalloway

Well more like Wobble in the Woods! ;o) Really, really horrid weather in Peebles put paid to my plans for a long ride today so I packed up the dog and ran in the forest for an hour to get some exercise. Not bike specific but definitely useful.

Let’s be clear though what hill running means when you’re a Clydesdale like me.
Dismiss thoughts of lithe folk dancing uphill in perfectly cut Patagonia clothing.
Dismiss also images of balletic leaping from boulder to boulder.
In the bucket go pictures of runners moving fast downhill with the grace of a gazelle.

Instead let’s think of moving uphill as fast as you can without your heart coming out of your mouth or your lungs inverting……having to stop from time to time just so you can recover enough to keep pushing.
Think of a burning in your legs so strong it creeps up your back.
Think of taking an inordinate amount of care in foot placement just so that your meaty bulk won’t snap your ankle like a twig.
Think of running downhill or flat sections of trail with a grim determination that doesn’t just border on masochism but embraces it.

Most of all though …..think of having fun. The dog had a blast and so did I!