Hey, sometimes good stuff just never goes away!

by wjohngalloway

Back in the day, when my main mountain bike was a Specialized Rockhopper (purple) with a Suntour XC Expert groupset (waaay ahead of it’s time! Microdrive was excellent), I used to use my bike to get into the mountains for climbs and hillwalks. SPDs were avaiaible but I wanted to be able to use the bike with a variety of footwear…..cycling shoes to walking boots. THe solution was Powergrips and they were fantastic. Easy entry and exit, the ability to use the bottom of the pedal for sketchy sections of trail, they were brilliant because whatever shoes you happened to be wearing you had a decent interface between shoe and pedal. I used them until ridicule from my peers led to my adoption of modern clipless MTB pedals.
Well…. given my recent commitment to use the bike as everyday transport I’ve been searching for a solution to the “bike should be ridden with the shoes you happen to be wearing” conundrum, but have been frustrated by the energy wasted using unclipped flat or platform pedals.
Imagine my delight when I discovered Powergrips are still being made and are pretty much unchanged. The order has been placed!