Whew, I feel old(ish)

by wjohngalloway

Yesterday I had the (peculiarly Scottish) pleasure of taking the boy(tm) for his first “legal” pint. It was a blast, albeit slightly strange!


Today was equally good fun. Despite raging man-flu I hauled my carcass to The Mariachi restaurant in Edinburgh with Ailsa, the sproggs, Al and Rab. Despite the slightly sketchy service towards the end I had a good time and we enjoyed a decent Mexican meal and a splendid Marguerita. As I’ve said before…I think we’ve done a passable job raising the kids. They’re good company and were a hoot this evening, although the association between 18 and alcohol is worryingly hard-wired in the boy’s brain. ;o(
As a sidenote Al gave the boy a wee Danelectro microamp as a birthday present (waaay cool gift). It perfectly recreates the 50’s slapback echo I’ve been trying to replicate using pedals and expensive software for the last three months. Difference is….I failed…Dan-O suceeded!