by wjohngalloway

Well, Mr Cohen did two nights in Weedgieland and most of the Youtube stuff has been of the second night (which we weren’t at!). Finally someone, who was sitting quite near us, has posted some stuff of the night Ails and I enjoyed.

Now, as a rabid Buckley fan, I’ve spent many hours championing his version of this song. Lenny’s version though, on the night, I found completely involving and incredibly moving. Watching it now it’s still great…but less gobsmacking……..Which I think speaks volumes about the charisma and presence of the man. Best version of Hallelujah I’ve heard? Lenny in Glasgow….on the night…in person. Got to be said though, the inversions at the end of KD Lang’s version are all I hear whenever I listen to the tune now.

I LOVE this song