by wjohngalloway

Ok. well. the only car use today was to pick up a big F-off bag of dog food, so a good start.
I think the trick is going to be to replace unhealthy (though undeniably fun) habits like booze, lethargy and sedentary pastimes with healthy and green obsessions. To be honest I have an obsessive (and addictive I dare say) personality and the most productive periods of my life have been when the dominant obsessions have been things like climbing, music, running, cycling etc. It’d be waaay too easy for me to wallow in self destructive behavior, I just have to decide not to!
So……short term goals?

Minimal car use

Daily aerobic exercise, besides postal duties. (Running with the dog or hard effort cycling) This’ll be hard…after a 5 hour delivery it’s not easy to get out and do something else. But it needs to be done….delivery time is good for your general health but is what we used to call (in cycling parlance) junk miles.

Resistance training three times a week. Shovelglove seem the most sustainable, and surprisingly it’s fun!

I’ll keep in touch

John G