Gonna re-invent this.

by wjohngalloway

Ho-kay……..haven’t blogged for a while and have missed it. I am however going to move away from the Youtube dump it’s been from time to time (although things that genuinely excite me will still make the cut).
So, less trivia, more on the pursuit of my goals (warts, failures, and all).
This will likely be of no interest to anyone but me but that’ll be enough, it’s a diary…no more, no less.
Anyhoo, spent most of today working on family bikes. I posted earlier on how the bikes that had most impressed me at Eurobike were the utility bikes and how impressed I was by the culture of cycling as first choice of transport in the beloved Freiburg and Brugge.
So, my Soma Groove has undergone a transformation into an urban utility bike with platform pedals, rack, panniers etc (but will only take ten minutes to restore to pure mountain bike mode).

If I can develop the habit of bike as primary transport again then I’ll definitely splash out on the Kona Ute or similar. Hell, I’d love a Velorbis.

Watch and laugh as the Galloways attempt to turn green!

p.s. I need treatment for my growing Nik Kershaw habit! ;o)