Pah! I’m part of the establishment now!

by wjohngalloway

Well today I got an iPhone 3G on a pukka (tm J. Oliver) O2 contract. It’s funny, I hadn’t realized how seductive and involving the whole thrill of the jailbreaking and unlocking bit of pre-O2 iPhone pwnership experience was. I bought my first gen iPhone from the States months before they were availible in the UK and I’ve watched every update from Apple with trepidation because I’ve actually had an investment in the success or failure of the jailbreaking community. Without their efforts my iPhone would have stopped working! In fact, the initial jailbreaks were so coarse I lived with the near certainty that the next Apple update would brick my phone….but…..I just had to have my iPhone.
Pre Appstore, the jailbroken apps added so much functionality to the beast that it was a bit of a no brainer. If you wanted the wee computer in your pocket (which happened to make phone calls) to do what you wanted it to, you had to jailbreak it.
So, wandered home today with my new toy, plugged it into the Mac, started up Pwnage tool to jailbreak the beast………..and realised the only app I couldn’t get legitimately from the appstore that I’d really miss was an RSS reader who’s functionality I could pretty much duplicate with the Google Reader web-app.
So, Apple have done it again. Provided so much functionality and user friendliness in their product that you don’t mind the invisible walls of the prison. Choice? Yep, it’s good, but I’ve got all I need so that’s fine. No jailbreaking for John G. I’m a bit sad. ;o(
p.s. Alex (middle sprogg) LOVES his recently acquired first gen jailbroken iPhone!