I do like a good cover…

by wjohngalloway

Heard the news today that Zep will tour next year. Yeah! Work opportunities for the elderly! What with that and Lance returning I think I might have built a time machine by mistake and not noticed.
(I’ll be there at the front of the line for tickets though!)

Now, three Galloway interests not yet discussed:

1: The pop songs of Britney Spears. OK…I know she’s seriously screwed up trailer trash, but she’s left a wake of perfect pop goodness behind the train wreck that is her life. (Link to interest 3:)

2:Ermmmmmm….can’t remember….ermmmmm….senile…errrmmm…No! I’ve got it! The songs of Billy Bragg. It’s good in these times of political and economic turmoil to reconnect to the socialist concepts that meant so much to me as a teenager. (note that this is in no way in conflict with the glass of Pouilly Fume and the salmon with dill and mustard currently in front of me)….and why does The Saturday Boy make me think about Pamela Goodall? ;o)

3: Oh yeah…the biggie…the ukelele! I was first amazed by Jake Shimabukuro but have come to realise I just like the sound of the beast. I’m having one! Meanwhile here’s one of Ms Spears finest…