Culture change and how to achieve it?

by wjohngalloway

Just had a pleasant couple of hours hanging out with Scott and Alan chatting about our recent trip to Eurobike (really must get the page about the trip up). Also had a lovely coffee with Mr T this morning when similar stuff was discussed. Embarrassingly I met him for the first time in months in the Eurobike exhibition hall cafe, despite him being one of my closest chums and living less than thirty miles away!

Anyhoo, the recurring theme was how……”gobsmacked” isn’t too strong a word…….we all were by the use of cycling on the continent as transport of first choice by the full spectrum of society from crumbly granddads to undeniably hot twenty-something women in full going-out garb. Added to this we were all really into the utility bikes on show at Eurobike and were struck by how intelligent design and a readiness to innovate could help make bike use a really sensible choice for moving about a city or a wee town like Peebles.

Not sure where this train of thought is going, just starting to think out loud.

Meanwhile, as a taster, here’s a photo Scott took of the Kona Ute (with the cool Kona Sutra touring bike in the background). The Ute could do almost all of the mundane family/shopping stuff around Peebles that I currently use a Saab 9.5 Estate for and costs circa £600.


It’s a cheaper variant of the xtracycle/Surly Big Dummy idea but way more affordable and hence far more likely to make a difference.

Update : Don’t know if this site is entirely relevant but it fits into my current fuzzy “bike as lifestyle” mindset. (and it’s about beer!).