Certainty? What’s that then?

by wjohngalloway

First off, can I say how much I love being a Postie? Get over it, I know you’re all jealous!
Anyway, I’ve been contemplating my rant the other day about the difference between religion and science (and my earlier post about other folks beliefs, and how we should respect them).
The tricky bit is that, to a degree, I’m envious of those with faith. I’d love to live my life in the knowledge that redemption was an option. I read the canonical religious texts in my early twenties in the hope that the enlightenment gained as a result would help me find a greater purpose or some measure of peace. It didn’t…..
The bottom line for me is that I can’t turn off my ability to think or analyze, I can’t turn away from the need for proof or evidence, I can’t subjugate the rational part of my consciousness and accept the patently absurd.
But, how to explain the glory of standing on top of a hill after a perfect climb, or the joy of seeing a smile on your daughter’s face when she doesn’t know you’re watching, or the sublime pleasure of watching your wife/lover at peace as she sleeps, or the heartbreaking thrill of watching your son make music, or the satisfaction and pride of discussing the nature of the universe with one of your sproggs, or the joy of knowing a friend well enough to just be content to sit in silence?
Well the simple answer is that whilst it’s incredibly unlikely there’s a divine plan….. we should remember that science doesn’t preclude the wonderful, it just seeks to understand it.
The one thing that becoming increasingly likely as we move slowly toward the grasp of a unified “theory of everything” is that the human mind probably isn’t complex enough to truly understand all that is reality, but is ambitious and over-reaching enough to try. That’s something to be proud of, even if it’s ultimately ephemeral.
God? Nah. The Universe/Multiverse/Reality? That’s enough to strive for.
Be happy folks, in whatever way you find peace.