The fickleness of fitness

by wjohngalloway

One of the disadvantages of knowing all of the postal rounds in the Peebles office is that, more often than not, I tend to find myself rallying a Royal Mail van up a dirt track in the middle of nowhere. Rural routes like that mean little walking and for the bulk of the last year I’ve spent more time on my arse in a van than putting a bag on my shoulder and going for a walk. ;o(
So, it’s come as a real shock to the Galloway system to have spent the last two weeks on a pukka (tm J. Oliver) walking duty delivering to 600 houses. Impressions?

Last Week: Slow, sore, ankle hurt, hip hurt, arch of right foot (the bag-ward foot) agony.

This Week: Hip still a tad sore on Monday, but today absolutely fine. Six pounds lighter, scampering upstairs like a gazelle, back to my old round time.

Lesson? Use it or lose it folks, rust never sleeps!

Listening to

Living History by Hillary Clinton

Watery Grave by Bruce Alexander

You Look Nice Today (A Diary of Emotional Hygiene)


Sundry TWIT network podcasts

and the excellent

This Week in Science (The kickass science podcast)

and finally, is it just me or is The Simpsons getting even more surreal and frankly smutty? (both of which are good things!)