Jeez, what a night!

by wjohngalloway

Well whilst the family, sans Sarah and I, enjoyed the delights of Dylan Moran’s warm up gig at the Eastgate Theatre (Bugger!!) I dug into the dark recesses of my iTunes library and came up with some gems.

1: The Monkees…..don’t laugh……just listen…perfect pop!

2: Burt Bacharach…..what’s not to love?

3: The significant part, I started listening to Rory Block, Stefan Grossman, Ry Cooder………then drifted back through the bluesmen who influenced them. Fuck, that’s some serious stuff. For the first time in twenty years Blind Willie Johnson had tears flowing down my cheeks, Robert Johnson made a mockery of anyone who’s ever had the temerity to cover his recordings…and as for Charley Patton…how the hell do you make any sense of that?

Make no mistake, despite my recent rant about religion I’m in awe of (and often in tears appreciating) humanity’s endeavours even if they’re ultimately pointless!