Tolerance? Yeah…but not to the point of tolerating stupidity!

by wjohngalloway

I posted recently on the fact that we should tolerate peoples beliefs…and I firmly believe that. There are times though when I am pushed a step toooo far…..In the Galloway psyche that step is creationism!
Sarah (lil’ sprogg) went with a few chums to a fairly innocuous Peebles afternoon group which had what seemed like fairly benign mainstream COS roots but came back having been lectured about the “lies” of evolutionary theory and how GOD had indeed created the world in six days a very few thousand years ago. Now…..I’ve always said if any of the kids find comfort in faith it’s not my job to dissuade them (if it makes them happy and gets them through life etc) but I draw the line at children who have been to taught to question and look for evidence being told that’s wrong, they just have to believe what they’re told. In my opinion preaching this kind of crap to as yet unformed minds verges on abuse.
I have friends “with faith” who have my utmost respect, but there seem to be too many folk who use religion to abdicate responsibility for their lives to a controlling “force” and who seek to indoctrinate
others, including those wee folk too young to have formed rational life plans.
I find myself, possibly for the first time ever, applauding the almost overwhelmingly annoying Richard Dawkins in his recent comments over the Royal Society row about apologist comments about creationism.
Don’t even get me started on the effect the religious fundamentalist right is having on the American education system!
Nonsense is just nonsense….why even attempt to accomodate it?