Well, today was fun!

by wjohngalloway

Was looking forward to a nice buffet meal with the family O’Raw and Alan Parkinson (as well as sundry sproggs and my mum). Ailsa worked her fingers to the bone making Pavlova, a delicious rich chocolate cake, onion tart and quiche lorraine, garlic bread, potato salad, tomato and basil salad, a flavoursome lettuce and herb salad and was just finishing the days labour by making her lovely scotch eggs (hey, it was clearly a 70’s tribute night!) when….in a moment of madness….she decided to clear a clogged hand-held blender with her finger….but inexplicably neglected to turn the blender off first! Totally blended finger was averted by her surprisingly sturdy fingernails, but she’s still shaking five hours later. ;o(
Add to this an eldest boy who’s been vomitting and looks like an extra from Dawn of the Dead and you can guess what a fun day has been had in the Galloway household!

p.s. Contador has looked mighty impressive over the last two Vuelta stages. Lance will have his hands full @ Astana.