Not An April Fool!

by wjohngalloway

Lance Speaks

Ok, well the man is returning to the fray.
Well, he exited at the top so on a certain level he has nothing to gain. He’s promised a completely transparent testing regime, but even so……if he doesn’t win Le Tour it’ll be because he’s racing clean now so isn’t competitive and if he does win it’ll be because the peloton is cleaner now than in his 7 streak. His legacy can only suffer.

But…..there’s a certain glory to this. He’s not taking a salary or win bonuses and his purpose is to galvanise the fight against cancer. Admirable.

His Leadville 100 performance shows that he’s still competitive……..and given the better part of a year to train you can guarantee he’ll be several orders of magnitude above that condition come July next year.

I don’t know if this is wise. I just know it’ll produce metric shitloads of publicity about cancer recovery and cycling. I know I’ll be on a mountain road in France to watch (Al, Attilla and Scott in attendance as well?)….and I know that, win or lose, Lance will be the defining rider/image in the 09 Tour.

I’ll just come out and say it. I predicted he’d win in ’99 immediately after the ’98 Vuelta and now I think he can win the 09 Tour. The only person I can see as a threat to him is Contador, who’ll likely be on the same team! Talk about a nightmare for Johan?

Jeez, this’ll be fun to watch!