Time for us all to address the attention overload?

by wjohngalloway

I posted earlier about the fact that Scott O’Raw has been without net access for a good few weeks and has managed to survive, perhaps even thrive. Now you have this post from Merlin Mann.
There has been some related discomfort stirring in the dim recesses of the Galloway Brain for some time.
Unlimited access to external stimuli and information overload is turning us into net junkies who are moving away from the ability to just enjoy or contemplate an experience for it’s own sake. The kids, Ailsa and I went to Paris and Disneyland this summer and at least half of the folk we saw had a camcorder stuck to their face. They were filming the experience for YouTube and living life on a 2.5 inch LCD screen instead of just living the moment.
I strive to have my kids make their own entertainment but digital media means that the path of least resistance is often the computer, XBox or DVD player. I myself find it distressingly easy to lose an hour or four on Google Reader or StumbleUpon
So, not sure what I’m getting at…but I think I’m going to start organising my net time instead of just getting online ’cause I’m bored.