Ooops…never discuss religion!

by wjohngalloway

I was having a chat to Al the other day and we were discussing the effect of microwave radiation from mobile phones on your brain. Now, as some of you know, my brain is pretty much a flat storage area for unsorted data (note to self, chat to chums about the merits of hierarchical versus flat data storage and see who uses what, it’ll say much about their personalities)…anyway, I digress, from somewhere in the addled grey matter came the “fact” that wearing a cotton cap heats your brain up by a thousand times more than using a phone.

When pressed I couldn’t remember the source and that’s been niggling at me for a few days.

Not the point really, it just made me realise that for many folk SCIENCE is becoming as much a matter of faith and belief as RELIGION is for others. If you can’t cite your sources then it’s just hearsay and even then, The Wise Ones, Susskind et al (with big brains) are playing with concepts so opaque to even hugely intelligent folk like me ;o) that to all intents and purposes they might as well be articles of faith derived from mistakenly translated third hand manuscripts of oral history and evolved moral code.

I suppose what I’m trying to get at is that however certain we are in our reason or faith it shouldn’t be at the exclusion of keeping an open mind to the beliefs of others, even if to us they’re wrong headed. They might be what that person need to get them through the day/week/life. It’s unlikely, but they might just be right in part of the “multiverse” (The Sainted Feynman, Book 47, Verse 114).

Here I’m speaking of tolerance of personal freedoms. Nation States are a matter for further discussion. I find the domination of American politics by the fundamentalist right just as worrying and distasteful as the posturing or action of a Fundamentalist Middle Eastern State (Choose your flavour)………..and we need to stop being America’s satellite, despite my love of much in American culture and the number of damn decent folk I’ve met from the States.

Enough rambling…….I’m off to listen to Nick Drake and chill.


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