Cycling? Swimming? Table Tennis? Peruvian Yak Wrestling?

by wjohngalloway

Well, every four years I lose control of my will. I acquire a compulsive obsessive disorder called Olympiitis!

I will watch literally any sport that’s paraded in front of me during the Olympics, much to the oft expressed displeasure of the family.

Why? Well excellence is always fascinating and, having occasionally dipped my foot in ripples at the very edge of the lake called “Slightly Better Than Average”, the glimpse into the lives of folk who’ve lived (at least) the last four years devoted to performing in an event that may last only a few seconds on a specific day is a privilage not to be taken for granted.

This year, in the events I actually have some knowledge of, Nicole Cooke won the womans road race purely on tactical nous and willpower. An awesome ride!

What else has been going on? Well The Larkin Tele has consumed many hours of my free time and I’m getting increasingly excited about the road trip to Eurobike.

Life is a B+. Could be better but pretty damn good!